Practical info - Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles

  • Start: Gloriantlaan (Linkeroever)
    • Wave 1: 1.05pm (+ startbox)
    • Wave 2: 1.30pm
    • Wave 3: 1.55pm
    • Wave 4: 2.20pm
    • Wave 5: 2.45pm
  • Official closing time start Antwerp 10 Miles: 3:05pm
  • Finish: August Vermeylenlaan (Linkeroever)
  • Course: 10 english miles or 16 km
  • Time limit: 2.15 hrs
  • Wave 1 (+ startbox): 1.05pm – access from 12:50pm
  • Wave 2: 1.30pm – access from 1:15pm
  • Wave 3: 1.55pm – access from 1:40pm
  • Wave 4: 2.20pm – access from 2:05pm
  • Wave 5: 2.45pm – access from 2:30pm
  • Starting in waves enhances the running experience for all participants.
  • Take your time and only arrive at the start 15 minutes before the start time of your wave. Please check the opening times of the start zones above.
  • The organisation assigns the waves. At registration, you will be asked to state your estimated finish time.
  • If you are registering as part of a group or business, you can choose to start as a participant “on the basis of the estimated finish time or performance of the previous year” or you can choose to start earlier “with the members of my group”. In the latter case, your group will be placed in a wave based on availability.
  • Approximately 1 week before the event, the waves, and also the bib numbers, will be assigned. You can also find this in the online participant lists.
  • Runners who finished amongst the first 1,250 in 2023 will automatically be assigned a low start number when registering online if they click “yes” next to “low start number”. That number will allow them to start at the front of wave 1 (1:05pm).
  • It will not be possible to start in an earlier wave. If a friend is running in an earlier wave, you will not be able to start with them in that earlier wave. After all, that would undermine the entire start system. So, there will be checks of the bib numbers which state your wave at the entrance of the start zone. However, it will be possible to start together in a later wave. You do not have to do anything for that, you will be allowed to join a later wave with your bib number without any trouble.
    Moreover, it has its benefits to start in a later wave. You can start smoothly and at ease, and there will be pacers – including for fast runners – in every wave.

There are 4 supply stations provided along the Antwerp 10 Miles course.

  • Supply station 1: after 2.6 km –
  • Supply station 2: after 8.9 km –
  • Supply station 3: after 11.1 km –
    water & AA Drink
  • Supply station 4: after 13.4 km –

There will be a final supply station by the finish of the Antwerp 10 Miles with AA Drink.

  • Do you have a particular time in mind for the Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles? On Sunday 21st April, there will be a real pacer team waiting for you at the start to help you to achieve that time!
  • A number of very experienced, mainly Belgian pacers have committed to be the 10 Miles pacers. The Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles wants to distinguish itself as a fast and flat road race. It is specifically for that purpose that two pacers per finish time have been invited to guide the runners to the finish.
  • Pacers will be targeting the following times: 1hr00, 1hr10, 1hr20, 1hr30, 1hr40, 1hr50, 2hrs and 2hrs15.
  • They will be waiting for you at the Sportoace tent before heading to the starting area together.
  • It will be easy to spot the pacers in the start zone by their coloured flags showing their finish time. In addition, every participant will receive a wristband showing the interval times you have to run per kilometre to hit your desired finish time. It is a handy reminder for your run, which you can just wear on your wrist! These bands can be collected for free from the exhibition and registration area on Saturday and Sunday.

You will soon find the different courses here.

All participants who registered online beforehand (so up to and including 28th March) will receive a cool bib number with first name for all distances.

Download hier het 10 weken trainingsschema voor de Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles.