Moving together is good for you. What’s more, exercise and social contacts are essential even if your health is failing. That is why UZA is going all-in for exercise programme UNBEATABLE!

This is no ordinary exercise programme; it is an integrated pathway bringing together patients with various conditions to work towards an extraordinary goal – participation in the legendary Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles.

Unbeatable goes beyond physical activity. Going through and recovering from a serious illness is a life-changing event at any age. Often there are also “invisible” consequences, such as fatigue, irritability, memory problems, anxiety and mood disorders, which have a major impact on quality of life.

Regular exercise helps control these negative feelings and boost patients’ self-confidence. Still, many patients are afraid to return to sport. By training in groups and under medical supervision, this project aims to lower the threshold to resuming exercise for patients, thereby transcending their illness as part of a group.

It is an opportunity to push boundaries, overcome obstacles and prove that no matter what challenges you face, you can achieve incredible feats. Together, we will show that resilience, determination and community are unbeatable!

This programme is designed to welcome everyone, regardless of background or age. Expert coaches will guide and support you towards the Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles every step of the way.

Join the UZA foundation in making this powerful pathway accessible to as many heart, Parkinson’s, stroke, ENT and cancer patients as possible. Support the power of belonging, joy of movement and feeling of victory. Together, we will prove that nothing is impossible. Join us and become unbeatable!

Your support makes these exercise programmes possible.

Would you like to support this UZA foundation project? Order the official Baloise Antwerp 10 Miles running shirt when you register. For every T-shirt sold, EUR 10 will go to UZA foundation.

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If you would prefer to donate, you can do so on You will receive a tax certificate for donations over €40.